Free Chapter 1 and Pizzas


Delighted to announce that Cambridge University Press has made Chapter 1 of our book Cognition and Intractability freely available. You can download it for free here or click below.


Cite as:

van Rooij, I., Blokpoel, M., Kwisthout, J., & Wareham, T. (2019). Introduction. In Cognition and Intractability: A Guide to Classical and Parameterized Complexity Analysis (pp. 3-22). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Twitter thread excerpt

As all good modeling introductions, the book starts by considering pizzas [1]. We use the :pizza: example to illustrate the phenomenon of combinatorial explosion and how it can induce computational intractability of models of cognition (in this case, decision making). Chapter 1 also includes short primers on the Conceptual Foundations of Cognitive Explanation, and of Computability and Tractability.


  1. This is a tongue in cheek reference to a paper by Olivia Guest and Andrea Martin and their use of pizzas to illustrate the use and need for modeling in science, and a blog by Alex Danvers about a.o. this paper and “pizza insight” generally. 

Written on May 7, 2020