Special Issue on Theory in Psychological Science

Finally, the special issue on Theory in Psychological Science, edited by Travis Proulx and Richard Morey, is out!

Some papers in this issue have been up on PsyArXiv since early 2020 or even 2019, but now all have been compiled and published in Perspectives on Psychological Scienc. Check out the full Table of Contents here.

Over the last year, I wrote ‘Now reading‘-threads about some of the papers in this issue (either as preprint or in published form). Below an overview of the papers, in alphabetical order, with links to their threads.

  • Borsboom, van der Maas, Dalege, Kievit, & Haig (2021) Theory construction methodology: A practical framework for building theories in psychology [article] [thread]

  • Gervais (2021) Practical methodological reform needs good theory [article] [preprint] [thread]

  • Guest & Martin (2021) How computational modeling can force theory building in psychological science [article] [preprint] [thread]

  • Irvine (2021) The role of replication studies in theory building [article][thread]

  • Kellen, Davis-Stober, Dunn, & Kalish (2021). The problem of coordination and the pursuit of structural constraints in psychology [article] [thread]

  • Navarro (2021). If mathematical psychology did not exist we might need to invent it: A comment on theory building in psychology [article] [preprint] [thread]

  • Proulx & Morey (2021). Beyond statistical ritual: Theory in psychological science [article] [thread]

  • Robinaugh, Haslbeck, Ryan, Fried, & Waldorp (2021). Invisible hands and fine callipers: A call to use formal theory as a toolkit for theory construction [article] [preprint] [thread]

  • Szollosi & Donkin (2021) Arrested theory development: The misguided distinction between exploratory and confirmatory research [article] [preprint] [thread]

  • van Rooij & Baggio (2021) Theory before the test: How to build high-verisimilitude explanatory theories in psychological science [article] [preprint] [thread]

I realize the list is currently incomplete. Hopefully I get to the others soon!

Last updated on 11-07-2021

Written on July 11, 2021