I’m Iris van Rooij, a psychologist and cognitive scientist.

This “metatheorist” blog is to share ideas and news related, but not limited, to my NIAS project Tools for theory: Improving the theoretical foundations of psychological science.

To learn more about me visit my homepage or follow me on twitter or read this interview.

If you are interested in how computational theories of cognition can scale beyond toy domains to the real world then check out the Cognition and Intractability book.

Why this blog format?

While I have blogposts on my personal website, I created this stand alone GitHub hosted blog to train some skills. I purposely chose simplicity of layout to focus on content over form.

License Creative Commons License

Unless otherwise specified, the contents of this blog are released under a CC-BY 4.0 license. Feel free to cite this blog. Here are some guidelines on how to cite blogs.


This website is funded by a DLF awarded by NIAS and Lorentz Center and is created with Jekyll. The website code is available here and was forked from Jekyll-Now. Many thanks to neuroplausible for inspiration and useful pointers.